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Washroom & Hand Cleaner


750 ml, 5 Litres

Original or thickened bleach. 5%. Coloured clear.

Citrus Toilet & Urinal Cleaner

1 Litre, 5 Litres

Cleans and disinfects ceramic or porcelain toilets, removes algae and lime scale. Kills most household germs and inhibits build up of lime scale deposits.
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Washroom & Bathroom Cleaner

1 Litre, 5 Litres

A mildly acidic detergent cleaner/sanitizer for most bathroom and washroom applications. Easily removes grime and soap scum from bathroom surfaces and fitments while restricting the growth of bacteria and algae.
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Pine Disinfectant


5 Litres

A highly effective cleaner disinfectant for maximum hygiene standards.

Swarfega Natural

2 Litres, 4.5 Litres

Heavy-duty hand cleaner containing non-abrasive granules with a fresh citrus fragrance. Swarfega natural also contains added conditioners and moisturisers to prevent chapped and dry hands leaving skin feeling fresh after use.

Swarfega Orange

4 Litres

An extremely pleasant to use, yet highly effective natural hand cleaner. Solvent free and also contains wheat-germ extracts to protect skin from drying.

Swarfega Pure

4 Litres

A heavy duty natural soap for removing tyre and other rubber soilings, carbon dust and general dirt and grime.

Swarfega Protect

1 Litre

A non-greasy, multi-purpose pre-work cream which helps protect your skin against contact with water or oil-based products.

Swarfega Natural Dispenser System

This dispenser system contains a two-litre dispenser for Swarfega Natural hand cleaner and a one-litre dispenser for Swarfega Protect barrier cream.

Swarfega 4000 Dispenser

A four-litre dispenser for use with the Swarfega Orange and Swarfega Pure hand cleaner. Eliminates wastage and can cut usage by up to 50% compared to dip-in buckets.

Swarfega Van Cradle Skin Safety Centre

A three-step skincare system to protect, cleanse and sanitise the skin. Ideal for situations where no running water is available.


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